Carole, Medfield

Thanks so much for changing the hard drive on my computer. What a difference! It works as well as the first time I took it out of the box five years ago - starts up and shuts down quickly. The old pep is back! Happy customer!

John, Norfolk

A while back, my four year old laptop computer was running a little sluggish. It had never been serviced, so I figured it was overdue for a check up and tune up. I took it to Julie, who performed a tune up, and gave me some recommendations.


After that, my laptop seemed new again. Julie put me on her Newsletter distribution list, and I’ve received many helpful tips/suggestions from it. Two to 3 years later, on a recent 3 month vacation to Florida, my laptop started running extremely slow at times (very frustrating). I reached out to Julie, via email, for help. Her suggestions had me, and my laptop, back up and running normal again. My suggestion is, do not leave home without Julie. Her contact info, that is. Julie provides great tech support.

Patti, Medfield

Julie came highly recommended to me - so I gave it a shot. My husband tried weekend after weekend to reconnect our printers to our computer. Finally, he decided the printers were "broken". Before running out and buying new printers, I called ComputerMom. Guess what? Julie figured out our problem in 10 minutes or less! Our printers are just fine . . . she saved us lots of money and time with one phone call. While Julie was here, I asked several additional technical questions, and she helped me speed up my connections. She is responsive, smart, and ready to get to work. I tell everyone about Julie - she's fabulous!

Suzanne, Walpole

Julie has been a saving grace for me. Probably one of her earliest customers, I run a small business off my home computer and when I run into trouble Julie is there to save me in a moments notice. Over the last 15 years I have seen some pretty strange things happen on my computers and she has always figured it out. She is responsive and well priced and always helps you find ways to take advantage of discounts and coupons when purchasing software and equipment for your computer. Best of all she is really fun to work with!

Sharon and Steve, South Natick

Julie Marto has worked with us for many years on a variety of computer and technology problems. She is professional and thorough, and it is a pleasure to deal with her. We depend on her completely to help us navigate the ever-changing technology. Julie is extremely patient with both novices and advanced users and always keeps in mind how her solutions will work for individuals. In every case she has provided excellent, time-sensitive, and cost-effective service. We spend six months of the year in Florida, and we work with Julie by phone and internet during that time because we have the utmost confidence in her skills and advice. We recommend her in the highest possible terms.

Melinda, Needham

ComputerMom saved me. I had no more idea of how to fix a computer than how to fix a car. I checked out the ads in the local paper and loved the idea of this mom fixing computers, and I felt more comfortable having a woman come to my house to help me out. Julie Marto came quickly and helped me out. I have called on her several other times...she is bright, personable and reasonably priced. Don't call anyone else!

Kathy, Dover

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie several times over 8 years. Her services have run the gamut from updating every laptop in the house (3-4), networking computers and printers, installing a new desktop computer, and fixing a very nasty computer virus that affected several parts of my computer and even affected peripheral devices. Julie has always been very responsive, getting back to me within a few hours of a phone call or email and often scheduling necessary repairs the same or next day. She is friendly and professional, and doesn’t make me feel like an idiot if I call with a question! I would highly recommend her!

June, Westwood

I first called on Julie when I was having trouble accessing work e-mail from home. She talked with the tech guys at work and figured it all out; something I could not have done on my own. Since then, she’s fixed, upgraded, gotten rid of viruses and generally “cleaned us up" whenever we have needed it. With 4 home computers, the hourly rate in our home has been wonderful – taking care of everything at once while I do other things!

Lisa, Walpole

Julie is responsive, thorough and dedicated! There are not many computer problems she has not encountered. She loves a challenge and will make every effort to get your computer fully operational. Definitely my go to person for software questions, parental controls, general computer how-tos and fixes. I recommend Julie to all my friends who need computer support - she is great!. 


Chris, Medfield

When it comes to any computer issues or questions, Julie is my resource and peace of mind. I know I can rely on her to know whatever needs to be done to fix the problem. She's knowledgable, fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Kathy, Medfield

Julie has worked on all of our computers over the last 7 or 8 years. She has installed a brand new home computer for us as well as installed hardware and software on our laptops. She has provided excellent advice, troubleshooting, and virus elimination services. She is easy to reach, returns phone calls quickly, and is flexible with scheduling appointments. She will come to your house or, if the problem is very involved, you have the option of dropping it off at her house so she can work on it over time. I highly recommend using her for your computer needs!

Jeanne, Sherborn

ComputerMom is easy to reach when you have a question and quick to fix when you need a repair!

Pam, Medfield

Julie is a wonderful at what she does! I know NOTHING about computers and she makes it all okay, even pleasant. She has helped me with choosing, buying, operations and fixing them. I couldn’t have a computer with her help.

Ellen, Medfield

Julie's services have added to my quality of life more than I can describe - I count on writing poems on Word, and getting and sending emails, in a way I never anticipated until I had my own computer at home, and she was on call to keep it running, whenever any infrequent questions and needs arise. Her prompt response, her intelligence, and even speed in solving in any issue my computer presented, as well as her agreeable personality, have been invaluable to me!

Dee & Barclay, Dover

We have had our share of computer troubles and, honestly, I'm not sure what I would have done without Julie Marto. The headaches came with working with hard drive issues and the manufacturer. Julie's customer service is always above and beyond and makes the end of the grueling process very pleasant. Her knowledge and support is unsurpassed and she has taught us so much. We give her the highest recommendations!

Joanne, Walpole

My printer wasn't connecting to my computer, and my computer was really, really slow. I had Julie come out and she fixed me up in just an hour. I tell all my friends about Julie, she's FABULOUS!


508-333-8176 (cell)


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