Virus Removal and PC Migration
Virus Removal and PC Migration

Drop your system off with me and I'll fix it for a flat labor rate regardless of how much effort or time is involved. Flat rate services include:


I'll neutralize and remove all infections, and let you know how seriously compromised your system was, and if you need to take further steps to protect yourself. Then I'll make sure you have a working antivirus, add a few other tools to protect your system, and optimize your computer. If it's impossible to fully clean the system I'll back up all your data, reinstall your operating system, and put everything back in place the way it was before you were infected. 


Drop off your old and your new systems with me and I'll move all of your files and settings over, install all your new software, and make sure things are set up the way you want them to be - even if your old computer is no longer working! Every system migration is a custom job, with the goal of making the transition from one system to the next as smooth as possible.


Drop off that slow or non-booting system and I'll give it a thorough diagnostic, determine what's wrong with it, and get it working like new again. Put my problem solving skills to work for you!


Add some life to your old system and bring it into the present day! I'll let you know if it's worthwhile to upgrade the operating system and whether you need any additional memory to run a new O/S smoothly. I'll back up your system first, then install the new operating system and make sure everything is back in place, updated, and working as it should be. 


Whether you are replacing a failed drive, or upgrading your older system with a zippy new Solid State Drive (SSD), hard drive replacement is the most common hardware service I do.


I'll clone your old system if it can be done, so your system will appear exactly the same as before the hard drive failure. And then I'll optimize your system so it will be better than before. If your old drive is too damaged to clone successfully, I'll install your operating system and any other software on the new drive, then use data recovery methods to retrieve your documents, pictures and settings from your failed drive.

*Cost of purchasing hardware or software additional


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